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JokesPhone Mod APK allows users to make unlimited calls for free. You can use the modded version of this application to call anyone in any country and make them laugh with a few minutes of unlimited, uninterrupted laughter. With JokesPhone Mod APK you get access to a wide variety of jokes from across the globe and it also has features like dialer integration for making direct calls, call recording and much more. In addition, you can create custom ringtones or set an auto-play mode when someone is calling you. The app also provides real time analytics on who is calling you, so that you know where your calls come from. With all these features combined, JokesPhone Mod APK offers great value for money and is definitely worth checking out!


1) Unlimited Calls: With JokesPhone Mod APK, you can make unlimited calls for free and have uninterrupted laughter.

2) Dialer Integration: You can easily make direct calls without having to switch apps or use a separate dialer.

3) Call Recording: This app allows you to record your calls so that you can listen back to the funny moments later on.

4) Custom Ringtones: Create custom ringtones in the app and set them as your default when someone is calling you.

5) Auto-Play Mode: Set an auto-play mode so that your phone automatically plays a joke as soon as someone is calling you.

6) Real Time Analytics: Get real time analytics on who is calling you, so that you know where your calls come from.

7) Easy Navigation: Navigate through the app with ease as it features an intuitive user interface and easy to use menus.

8) Personalized Profile: Create a personalized profile with your own avatar and joke library.

9) Accessible Support: The application comes with accessible support in case of any queries or problems.

10) Joke Library: Access a wide range of jokes from across the globe in the app

‘s joke library.

11) Up-to-Date Jokes: Get access to up-to-date jokes with regular updates in the app.

12) Multiple Platforms: Use JokesPhone Mod APK on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

13) Offline Mode: The app also features an offline mode, so you can access it even without an internet connection.

14) Remote Access: You can remotely control the app from any location with its remote access feature.

15) Multilingual Support: The app comes with multilingual support for different languages such as English, Spanish, French and more.

16) Voice Recognition: Enjoy voice recognition technology within the app to quickly make calls or send jokes.

17) Secure Connection: All your data is securely encrypted and transmitted over a secure connection.

18) Group Chats: Create group chats and share jokes together with friends or family in real time.

19) Sharing Capabilities: Easily share jokes and calls with other users through various social media platforms.

20) Customizable Settings: Adjust the settings to your liking, so that the app works exactly as you want it to.

21) Profanity Filter: The app includes a profanity filter to avoid inappropriate content being shared or sent.

22) Fun Challenges: Take part in fun challenges and compare your jokes against others.

23) In-App Purchases: Buy additional content such as new jokes and ringtones with in-app purchases.

24) Ad Blocker: The app also features an ad blocker to ensure a smooth experience without any interruptions.

25) Time Tracking: Track your time spent on the app, so that you know how much you are enjoying it.

26) No Ads: Enjoy a completely ad-free experience that won’t disrupt your funny conversations.

27) Awards System: Earn awards for completing challenges or for sending out funny messages.

28) Cross Platform Compatibility: Access JokesPhone Mod APK on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

29) Search Function: Easily search for specific jokes or calls within the app with its built in search function.

30) Voice Cloning: Clone your voice and record yourself saying funny lines to share with others.

31) Voice Effects: Apply silly or funny voice effects to your recordings and make people laugh even more.

32) Call Blocking: Block certain contacts from calling you, if you don’t want to be disturbed by them.

33) Regular Updates: Get access to new jokes and other content with regular updates in the app.

34) Customer Support: Reach out to customer support whenever you need help or have any inquiries.

35) Customizable User Interface: The user interface can be customized according to your preferences for a personalized experience.

36) Easy Sign Up Process: Sign up for an account quickly with just your email address and a few clicks of the mouse.

37) Multi-Device Syncing: Seamlessly sync data between multiple devices so you can access it from anywhere.

38) Cloud Storage: Keep all your favorite jokes and settings stored on the cloud for secure access.

39) Low Data Usage: The app uses minimal data, allowing you to use it without draining your device’s battery or memory.

40) Secure Payments: Enjoy secure payments using the latest encryption technology for added security.

41) Reward System: Earn rewards for using JokesPhone Mod APK, such as free content and discounts.

42) Social Media Integration: Share jokes or funny videos on social media directly from within the app.

43) Push Notifications: Receive push notifications when new content or updates are available in the app.

44) Custom Avatars: Upload custom avatars to represent yourself to other users within the app.

45) Live Chat: Engage in live chats with other users and make friends while having fun with JokesPhone Mod APK.

46) Enhanced Security Measures: Enjoy enhanced security measures with the latest encryption technology.

47) Offline Mode: Access content even when you’re offline, so that you can keep up with the jokes and calls without an internet connection.

48) Data Collection Protection: Prevent data collection and misuse of information within the app.

49) Customizable Profiles: Create a profile to represent yourself, including custom background images and personal details.

50) User Ratings & Reviews: Rate other users and leave reviews to help them improve their skills and performance.

51) In-App Leaderboards: Compete with others for the highest ratings on the leaderboard and become the funniest person in your circle.

52) Compatibility Checker: Check compatibility of your device before downloading, so that you can get the most out of JokesPhone Mod APK.

53) Immersive Experience: Enjoy a fully immersive experience with realistic sound effects and visuals.

54) Invite Friends & Family: Invite friends and family members to join you in having fun with JokesPhone Mod APK.

55) User Generated Content: Create user generated content and share it on social media for everyone to enjoy.

56) Shareable Videos & Photos: Take videos or photos and share them with your friends and family, to spread the laughter even further.

57) High Quality Audio: Enjoy high quality audio for better sound clarity when engaging in calls or recordings.

58) Adaptive Interface: Benefit from an intuitive interface that adapts to each user’s needs and preferences, making it easier to use.

59) Multi-Platform Capability: Enjoy JokesPhone Mod APK on various platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

60) Parental Control Feature: Keep your kids safe with the parental control feature that allows you to monitor their usage of the app.

61) Bug & Error Fixing: Benefit from consistent bug and error fixing, for a smoother experience.

62) Automated Updating: Enjoy automated updating whenever new features are released or content is updated in the app.

63) Professional Support Team: Get help from a professional support team that provides round-the-clock assistance.

64) Community Forums: Participate in community forums to ask questions, get answers from experts, and make friends with other JokesPhone Mod APK users.

65) Open Source Codebase: Gain access to an open source codebase so you can customize your own version of the app according to your needs and preferences.


Question: What is JokesPhone Mod APK?

Answer: JokesPhone Mod APK is an app that offers a fun way to make and receive calls, record audio, send jokes, and engage in live chats with other users. It includes a reward system, social media integration, push notifications, custom avatars, enhanced security measures and more.

Question: Does JokesPhone Mod APK require an internet connection?

Answer: No. You can access content even when you’re offline. However, some features may require an internet connection for optimal performance.

Question: Is there a parental control feature available?

Answer: Yes. The app includes a parental control feature which allows parents to monitor their children’s usage of the app.

Question: Is it possible to customize my profile?

Answer: Yes. You can customize your profile by adding a custom background image and personal details.

Question: Can I invite friends and family members to join me in using JokesPhone Mod APK?

Answer: Yes. You can easily invite them via email or social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Question: Is it possible to create user generated content with JokesPhone Mod APK?

Answer:Yes, you can create user generated content such as videos, photos and audio recordings which you can then share on social networks.

Question: How do I get help if I need it?

Answer: JokesPhone Mod APK includes a professional support team that can provide you with assistance whenever you have questions or issues. You can also participate in the community forums to ask questions, find answers from experts and even make friends with other users.

Question: What platforms is JokesPhone Mod APK available on?

Answer: The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. It is also compatible with various platforms such as Mac and Linux.

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